Monday, 23 February 2015

Initial Progress with Flash Cards

Tonight has been a struggle.

When the database of flash cards is first constructed the number of cards to view is low, the variation is low (in terms of subject headings) while the repetition is low.  As the database gets much larger the number of cards to view is higher, the variation (in terms of subject headings) is higher and the repetition of that subject matter is less. Therefore the test of remembering is much more challenging but much more illuminating as far as problem areas are concerned.

Tonight I had 20 old cards and 55 new cards, I completed 157 views in 21 minutes. This shows that some cards were problematic.

The problem sections were I did/We did/Did you and I have got/We have/Have you got so the challenge now is to focus in those areas. For the cards I've created this is Section 4 and Section 5 so I'll create custom decks and train with those in addition to the daily view.

Fingers crossed :-)

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