Monday, 23 March 2015

Need To Mix It Up

This last week I've hit a snag because of my success with flash cards.

Using the flash cards I've been able to bring my revision cycle up to date with the lessons. During this time I haven't been using the audio that comes with the course and so I've been making up the pronunciation based on how I read the words. Not a bad idea considering I should be able to pronounce words easily now..but I can't. I also don't merge words into each other like native speakers nor do I put the emphasis in the correct places.

Conclusion ... walk then run.

So going forward what I've now realised is I have to listen to the audio until I'm comfortable and then record the flash cards, I think I will have to do some re-recoding (think of it as additional revision ;-)  ).

Of course this also highlights that I'm starting to learn sentences rather then just simple questions and answers, therefore the time has come to start to talk to natural welsh speakers, I just need to pluck up the courage.

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