Thursday, 9 April 2015

Dipped My Toe in the Water

If you read many articles on learning a new language they all agree on a solitary point ... those that practice in real environments progress significantly quicker than those that don't.

There is one big problem with this ... it's bloody scary...

But the other week I went to a local group in Wrexham and sat around people speaking Welsh and I'm convinced everyone is correct, it will speed up my development.

So much so I've also signed up for ffrindiaith at SaySomethingInWelsh so I can look forward to a Skype call with a Welsh speaker on a regular basis.

So my process now for learnng is:

  1. Revise the course notes and listen to the CD tracks for each unit
  2. Once I'm confident with the pronunciation of the course unit develop flash cards and include them in my regular revision
  3. Get out there and try to use the welsh I have learnt 

And who knows, maybe next week I'll try speaking Welsh at work.